Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am so blessed to be LDS :)

Choose the Right
Latter Day Saint Church
The Book of Mormon
Our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson
The beautiful Washington D.C. Temple where Justin and I were sealed for eternity
Today I had the wonderful opportunity to go do a session in the Columbia, SC Temple. Oh how I love it there! Seriously what a wonderful place to go and do some pondering about things in life and to serve others. I love the way the Temple makes me feel. I love how I can go and just feel completely at peace while I am there. What a beautiful holy place it is. I also love my church. I am a latter day saint and proud to be! I would shout it from the mountain tops of how great and wonderful and blessed I am to be a member of this great church. Life brings ya struggles. And you have to have the will power and faith to get through them. I have a wonderful family! I mean one of the absolute best! I love them dearly and want them to know that. The church teaches us to love one another. Especially our family. We are going to spend eternity with them and by darn why not make the ride fun! :) I am so grateful for many things in the church. Just to name a few, the scriptures and the doctrine they give us daily. Our CTR rings, to remind us that we should always stand up for ourselves and others to Choose the Right! Our wonderful missionaries....goodness I can't even say enough about them! Seriously what awesome guys and gals that are out there serving and teaching this gospel daily. Also for member missionaries, I love being a missionary to my own friends and co-workers. I think we should make it a weekly challenge to share or pass a card along about the church. Can you just imagine what people are waiting to hear the gospel...I want to see the excitement on their face when they hear it! And I want to be a part of it! It's just all so exciting! I had the opportunity tonight to share with this darling girl that I work with about eternal families. And how I had my temple marriage and I was so excited to know that I am going to not only be with my family for eternity but also with my sweetheart Justin. Gosh that just makes me so excited!!! My co-worker thought it was all just so neat and amazing. She loved hearing it all! I am also so grateful for our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. What a remarkably man! I fully believe the words that man says are straight from our Heavenly Father. What power and faith he has in his life. I just love him so much and I love when I get to hear him speak. The last thing I am so grateful for is our wonderful Temples through out this world. What marvelous work and service they bring into our lives. I can't wait to have children and teach them all about the Temples. I am grateful that I have a Temple marriage. That I have the opportunity to attend the temple. It's a wonderful place. And my dream is that everyone one day will get to be worthy and go inside! IT'S WORTH IT! I PROMISE! I did want to bear my testimony at the end of this blog. I know that this glorious church is true and there is no denying that. I know that Thomas S. Monson leads and guides this church today through the power and word of God. I know that families are for eternity. I know that through the power of repentance we can come to God again and be with him. I know that the scriptures are true. What a blessing it is we have them today in our lives. I know that standards are so true. It's worth living them...not matter what trial comes our ways. They can only bless you more and more. I love this church and know it to be true! I love Our Heavenly Father and Jesus. What great faith I have of them in my life. The Church is true! HORAY FOR ISREAL!

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