Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Date!

The wonderful Restaurant we went to...Villa good! Thanks to my friend Michelle for the suggestion!
Well this wasn't our meal...but it looks a lot stinking good!
Justin on his way out to the car...such a handsome southern man :)
Me all ready to go!
So hot! Our Driver
Me excited :)
Ok so for all of yall that have never seen Uptown Charlotte...well here it is...from the interstate.
Kinda of a closer view
Sitting down at the restaurant...its a little bright...we had to go a smidge earlier because I had to work later that night.
Justin and I...It was so delicious and the host was such a sweet Italian/Spanish man. He took your coat and kissed my hand. What gal doesn't love service like that!
So this year for our Valentine'e Day dinner date, we had to go a little earlier. With my new job and all...I am working every night except for Sunday. So since we had the whole day yesterday together, we thought...why not go early! We went to this great restaurant called Villa Antonio. The food was so delish and I loved our host guy! He was sweet as can be! Thanks to my friend Michelle Kemp for giving us this suggestion! She is a pure genius when it comes to Charlotte Restaurants! Thanks a bunch Michelle! We had a great time and came home with some yummy leftovers. You always gotta love Valentine's Day! Wither your married, dating, or single. You can always find some fun in it!

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