Saturday, December 25, 2010

Baking Santa some cookies

So with Santa coming and all we had to whip up some good old cookies for him! Macey and Addie chose to do sugar cookies with sprinkles on therefore thats what we did! It's always so much fun spending time with these little sassy gals of mine. I wouldn't want to make cookies with anyone else! The cookies turned out oh so good! With my little bakers....they wouldn't turn out any other way. Santa did leave us a note the next morning saying that he enjoyed the cookies and Rudolf enjoyed the carrot sticks we left for him. SO HAPPY CHRISTMAS BAKING EVERYONE! If you forgot to leave Santa cookies this year...remember to leave some for him next is never to late! :)

The chocolate pies we made first
Macey excited to start making the cookies
Got our ingredients
Here we go!
Mixing away
Still mixing.....
And still....
The mixing queen
Eating some of the dough
Waiting for the first batch to come out...gosh does this take forever :)
Time to eat the finished ones :)
Love those cookies

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