Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our First Rug...how sweet :)

So for those of you who have heard of groupon's....they are pretty much awesome! Justin bought a groupon towards Ashley's Furniture Store. He paid $25 bucks for one and we could use it towards there and spend $100. So therefore thats why its an awesome deal! Anyways Saturday night we went to Ashley Furniture to look around to see what we could find. Of course we wanted a new chair, or some really awesome decorations...but seeing as that most things in furniture stores are more then $100 buckeroo's we came across this 5x8 rug that was $150. So we thought...HEY WHY NOT! It matches perfect with our furniture and decor we already have so it worked out perfect, plus we don't own any rugs yet...so we were excited...well let me re-phrase that...I WAS EXCITED! I love to decorate and everything that comes with it! Its always the cherry on top of a house! Sorry I didn't get any pics of the rug when it was finally laying on the ground...but no fear...I will post a new pic later of it!


  1. Your place looks adorable...what I have seen of it! I am investigating where I can find the nearest Home Goods :)

  2. Thanks Brit! Yes mam...homegoods and well you of course know Kirklands...always good choice! :)