Saturday, January 22, 2011

Argentine Empanadas!

Monday night for FHE we had our friends over...The Roundy's and The Granados. We have soo much fun hanging out with them! Justin wanted to make his homemade Argentine Empanadas. They are oh so good! Justin is such a chef when he makes these...well he is my own personal chef (only for these Empanadas though..other wise I do the cooking :) We had so much fun making them together and our friends really enjoyed them. Sorry there are only 2 pics...I meant to take some of the final product of the Empanadas but we were having so much fun....I plum forgot to take more. If you would love to try these wonderful will just have to come over to the Watson house to get some! Other wise you are missing out!

Justin cooking the hamburger meat for the Empanadas
I was in charge of cutting the peppers :)


  1. I have never heard of his excellent empanadas... has he been holding out on us? Lol- next family reunion I want a sample!

  2. Ya they are way good! We were going to make them this time but dad was suppose to make his japan version we decided to do something else. But you will def have to try them!