Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our new bedspread is bought!!!

This is the new bedspread that I got for me and Justin when we get married! I absolutely love it! It's from Anthropologie, which is one of my all time favorite stores! I love everything in and about that store! And I got it for a killer deal! It may seem a little bright in the picture, but in person, it's beautiful! I love it! Justin said he didn't care what I picked out. Therefore I took advantage of it! I know it probably seems a little more on the girlie side, but in person its not. Mamma loved it! And in fact at one time bought it for her room but the colors didn't match, so she had to return it. Therefore when I saw it on sale for a wonderful deal, I was stoked! I must say a BIG THANKS to my siblings for this one! It's what they all chipped in and bought us for our wedding. I just can't wait for July 10th to get here sooner! I can't wait to decorate and see this beautiful bedspread on my new bed!

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