Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little Thursday night baseball anyone?

So tonight the family and I went to the Charlotte Knight's baseball game. We had an absolute blast! It was Nic's 19th birthday so that's what mamma and pops decided we should take him too. From hamburger's to peanuts and crackerjacks, all the way down to a really hilarious drunk guy, we couldn't have asked for a better night! The weather was perfect and the game was great! The Charlotte Knight's won, but don't ask me what in the heck the score was because we left at the 8th inning. But the real entertainment of the night was the drunk guy in front of us. This kid was soooo funny, we were all laughing with tears in our eyes. One of the times he was talking, he was explaining to this old woman who he didn't know next to him, how he went to the bathroom and peed all over his number one fan foam hand. He was sooo drunk that he didnt know how to use the bathroom. Then he tried washing his number one fan foam hand with soap and water along with his other real hand to get it nice and clean. On his way back from the bathroom he bought himself a balloon sword, so everyone would know that he and his foam hand are pirates. It may not sound funny now, but it was down right hilarious! Couldn't have asked for a better way to put a smile on our faces. I mean who the heck needs cable right?! Overall our night was great! So next time if you want to go to a Charlotte Knights baseball game, just let us know!

Watching the game
My brother Alex and me

Mamma and Pops
mamma and me
the baseball field
the hilarious drunk guy
Nic, his friend Devon, and Cameron enjoying the game