Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ya I know its fall...but Alex's High School Graduation: June 2012 :)

So yes I sincerely apologize for being such a horrible blogger pretty much this whole summer! It has been a busy one. Actually that's not really my computer broke and Justin has a different program on his and I could never figure it out. Anyways at least I am finally getting around to doing it again! PRAISE THE HEAVENS ABOVE! Anyways ill start out all of these lovely blog post with my Brother Alex's High School Graduation. It was back in June but we are proud of him and hope for the best! Anyways I prob wont be as detailed as I normally am but hey at least your getting the pics. Also its amazing to me how much Lucy Jane as grown in these past few months :) 

 Yay congrats Alex! 

Yay for Alex! We love ya buddy! Remember to keep your future bright and always do the smart thing!

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