Friday, March 2, 2012

Personalizing Lucy Jane's Room...I love monograms :)

Lucy Jane's initials
The pillow with her initials
The pillow on her rocking chair
Ok so this is a little random but my Mamma found this darling vintage looking earring and necklace holder at Home Goods. My Mamma actually bought one first. Her's is bronze. So I just loved it so much I went back and bought a cream colored one for me and I have loved it ever since!!
Ok so on my last post I talked about getting things from the consignment sale. This darling little smocked dress is something I found there for 15 bucks! Practically new! Some of these babys can cost up to 100-200 bucks! They are so charming and very southern! I was happy about my find and she wore it this past weekend to church.
The beautiful detail on the dress
So in Charleston they have tons of store's that can monogram things onto whatever you want. I was down in South Charlotte at my parents house a couple of weeks ago and found one of those store's! I was so excited! So I went in and found a pillow for Lucy Jane's Room. It was just a simple little white pillow. But I had them put her initials on it and it turned out so dang cute! I wanted to add just a little bit more southern charm to her pillow. So I got my glue gun out and glued on the pearls to each of the the little ruffles on the pillow. I loved how it turned out and I was so excited to put it in her room!

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