Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weeks in Heat and Fun!

So this summer we have been on many adventures! After me and Justin got married we went around Washington D.C. with my family. It was great times! Then me and Justin went on our honeymoon down to Charleston for a few days. We are going on our second honeymoon in October on a cruise...CAN'T WAIT!!! Once we got back to Charlotte we took the girls to discovery place in Uptown Charlotte. They absolutely loved it! It was fun to see their faces get so excited! Anyways here are the pics from all those fun activities!

The Washington Monument
Infront of the White House
Sunny eating her snack
Michelle Obama's dress
Justin and me infront of the Capitol
me going up to the hotel room with my lovely flowers
me and Justin's hotel
The Arlington Cemetery graves
The family on the tour train
The guards switching positions
Justin and me out to dinner
Banging on the pots and pans
Macey the Scientist
Sunny dressing up and me
Addie showing us what a fish face looks like
Sunny showing us the insects
Zoey and me visiting the bears
Sunny testing out the pull up chair

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