Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Sun has a new name...and it's called DEVIL!

So this past week me and some friends went down to Morehead City, NC. My friend Brandon Pace is from there and was playing in a Golf tournament in his hometown. Therefore he invited us to go to have some fun beach time while he was golfing! Well we did indeed go and we did indeed have some fun beach time, but I think I just might have had a little too much beach time. As a result, this is now what I look like from the picture below. Ever since the day we left Morehead City, I have been one fried burned piece of bacon. I was sick in bed for 4 days and Mamma had to rub aloe all over be 5 or 6 times a day. Not fun at all! It was probably one of the worst things I have ever been through. Pure misery! Needless to say I will admit that I was an idiot for not wearing sunblock. It is a lesson learned and I will NEVER do it again. So for all you NO SUNBLOCK people at there...learn from me that you must ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear sunblock.


  1. LOL Oh sad I tried not to laugh but BURNT like that!! OH MY sad.... yes you actually tan better if you wear sunblock, when your spending long periods of time in the SUN!! I love Me some Sun Block!! I do hope you get feeling better soon!! :D

  2. Thanks soo much! Yes I was so stupid. It's funny because I always wear sunblock, infact I am a sunblock freak! But I was stupid and decided to go without it this time. Ya and your right...you actually do get tanner with it. So therefore no more burning for me! THANKS GOODNESS!