Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Valentine's....a little late....

Lucy Jane in her Valentine's Outfit :)..not to thrilled either :)
And then came the screaming :).......

Ok ok I know its a little late...but I ended up having a busy week! Therefore HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO ALL YALL!!! I took some picture's of Lucy Jane even though she was not happy about getting her picture taken at all! But I thought she looked to darling to not take it :) But we hope all yall had a wonderful Valentine's and did something very special or fun! This year my Grandpa Hall had died on the 13th. Therefore I was flying out to Utah on Valentine's Day to attend his funeral. That is why my week was so busy. Anyways Justin and I's Valentine's consisted of running to the grocery store to pick up some groceries for him for the week and buying each other Chocolate and flowers. Well chocolate for him and flowers for me :) But we actually celebrated a little early this year. The weekend before Valentine's we went out to dinner at Texas Road House...classy I know...but we love that place and hey it sounded good! :) Then we hit up a movie. I convinced Justin to go see "The Vow" with me. I actually thought it was pretty good! Then we came home and went to bed and we made a great date night out of it! We did do our tradition that we started last year. Which is....having Root Beer floats every Valentine's night on our fancy glasses. We love it! Anyways once again HAPPY LATE VALENTINE'S to everyone!

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