Sunday, March 27, 2011

Church Basketball

So the best next thing about church activities basketball...gotta love it! So I'm a little late on this post because well the past couple of weeks my life has been crazy! Anyways Justin and I both played for the Charlotte Spanish Branch in this tournament. It was a blast! Seriously I didn't even know our Stake had a womens basketball but apparently it just started so the ladies convinced me to play. And I have to say I loved every minute of it! Sadly though I never got a picture of our game because my camera battery was dead at that point. But as far as the husband I definitely got pictures of his game! What a great player he is. Seriously he is a great rebounder and along with our other Espanol friends they killed the basketball floor. They didn't end up winning the whole tournament but they came dang close to it! Anyways I thought I would share some pics with yall. So here it basketball!

I got this guy in mid air falling down...
Justin shooting a foul shot

You can't really tell but they went into over time and the score was 50 to 50
Abel showing his sweet moves
Justin shooting once again

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