Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trip to Boston!!!

Justin and me

YUM YUM...Dinner time!

Bishop and Sister Beachum

Gone to dinner that night! Sister Beachum, Carly, and Jake

These bags are made up of all zippers! They were awesome!

Ahoy Sailors

Our intelligent side

The lovely Beachum's!

On top of the Bunker Hill Tower

Straight ahead shot

Sassy Frass Beachum and myself

I LOVE MY BISHOP! So funny and one of the best people I know!

Justin going above deck

Going below deck

Our awesome Charlotte group standing in front of the U.S.S. Constitution

Getting ready to go into the U.S.S. Constitution

Justin dreading to have to pay another parking pass or toll...

Getting ready to tour our first day in Boston!

Ok so in Boston they had this awesome tour buses that went into the water! I didn't get a chance to ride on one...but I sure wanted too!


And I love Justin!

Justin saw this and thought of this idea...what a sweetheart :)
Jake and Justin standing in front of the Chocolate man.

A giant Hershey's bar as you can see :)

These were huge reese's footballs!

Hmm...what was on his mind? :)

Justin with the famous I heart NY t-shirt

Gotta have a New York T-shirt!

Justin getting his shoes ready for a fun day around NYC!

Our faithful driver through New York City...Justin's brother Jake Watson

Just some silly faces

Us infront of the Washington D.C. Temple...where we are getting married in less than a month!

Justin starting the drive off at 11:00pm at night

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