Saturday, June 19, 2010

Going to the Temple :)

So last night me and my brother Nic went through the Temple and got our endowments. Nic is leaving for his mission on July 28th and I am getting married in the Washington D.C. Temple on July 10th. What a awesome experience! We went to the Columbia, SC and it was great! Here are some photo's from last night.

Justin and me about to go into the Temple
Some of our family that went
The Bishop and some of the ladies
Heather and Tyra with me
Justin and me at the Mexican Restaurant
Nic and me before we left for the Temple


  1. How fun for you guys! Me and D got to go through for our first time together as well, and it was awesome! I am so sad I can't make it to your wedding, especially because it's so close...I'm just gonna be so pregnant by that time!

  2. Sorry I just saw your comment! Ya it was way cool! We loved it both! Im sad yall wont be able to make it either! But I totally understand why...your baby is coming sooo soon! I cant wait!! Ok so this is a stupid question, but I dont even think I know what your having? But im really excited for yall!